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The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space, Haifa, Israel

Role in the ACCENT project: Organisation of activities, contribution of resources, Local Citizens’ Debates

As Israel’s premier institution of informal science education, MadaTech is dedicated to preserving, perpetuating, popularizing and promoting the rich cultural heritage of science and enhancing science literacy among all Israelis. Over 550 interactive exhibits, innovative hands-on programs, unique science activities, and lecture series for the public-at-large.   participate in the museums activities annually.  MadaTech offers a broad outreach program  through mobile science labs which engage communities countrywide. MadaTech activities are under the auspices of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

MadaTech activities acquaint visitors with environmental-relevant issues pertaining to every day life; exposes them to future technological, energy-related developments, which will impact the environment, the economy and society, and encourage them to greater personal engagement in these; facilitate understanding of the significance of sustainable development, and  the adoption of well-substantiated, scientific positions; train for presentations of scientific arguments on environmental issues that affect their lives, and strengthen the ability to distinguish between scientific information and social mores or beliefs; encourage people to take responsibility in regard to safeguarding the environment and actively encouraging behavioral change in others.

i do climate - The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space, Haifa, Israel


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