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AHHAA, Tartu, Estonia

Role in the ACCENT project: Organisation of activities, contribution of resources, Local Citizens’ Debates

AHHAA Science Centre was established as a special project of the Department of Research and Institutional Development of Tartu University in 1997. Since 2004, AHHAA operates in the framework of a foundation (founders: Tartu University, Tartu City, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research). Over 12 years there have been nearly million visitors.

The purpose of AHHAA is to introduce science to people at large. Using interactive and entertaining methods, we try to overcome fear and prejudice towards learning. We hope to provide every visitor with the joy of gaining new knowledge and pleasant activities. Currently AHHAA is situated in two cities: in Tartu we are placed in a shopping centre, where we have a 4D cinema and a small exhibition area; in Tallinn we have an exhibition space at the very centre of the city. We also organise science theatres, a science festival and other public events.

i do climate - AHHAA, Tartu, Estonia


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