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Experimentarium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Role in the ACCENT project: Organisation of activities, contribution of resources, Local Citizens’ Debates

Experimentarium is Denmark’s national science centre whose purpose is to promote interest in natural science and technology to as large a segment of the population as possible. Experimentarium’s concept is based on the old Chinese proverb: I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand!

Experimentarium’s exhibition comprises over 300 experiments set out over an area of 4,100 m² which is divided into 11 themes: Soap Bubbles, Look at Light, Now Hear This, Hall of Mirrors, Mathematics, Gallery of Perception, Children’s Puddle, Cirkus Fysikus, The Kid’s Pavilion, You & Me, Our Dynamic Earth and ENERGY. Experimentarium also has two special exhibition areas where 2-3 new special exhibitions are held every year. The exhibitions are extremely varied in their form and content, but all tantalise all senses and have science, learning and play in common. But Experimentarium is more than just an exhibition centre. Experimentarium also focuses on communication through school competitions, web-based teaching materials, teacher training, teachers’ materials, consensus conferences, presentations, workshops, science demonstrations, didactic development projects, TV, radio and scientific news. Experimentarium is now working on a new strategy aimed at creating a multimedia centre for science and technology communication.

i do climate - Experimentarium, Copenhagen, Denmark


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