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Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza, Naples, Italy

Role in the ACCENT project: Project coordinator, contribution of resources, organisation of activities

IDIS is a non-profit making organisation which operates in Naples since 1987 and plays a leading role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technological innovation; its activities constantly exploit the resources of the territory, in the European and Euro-Mediterranean contest. Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza, in short, is a cultural entity able to develop activities, ideas, partnerships and projects on the issues of science and innovation, social participation in the choices concerning sustainable development.

The science centre Città della Scienza, inaugurated in November 2001, was the first interactive science museum in Italy and has received important awards at the European level: Micheletti Prize in 2005 and the Descartes Prize for Science Communication in 2006. The science centre is an educational tool for the dissemination of scientific and technological culture in order to stimulate the visitor’s will to understand the scientific phenomena through an innovative methodology. It represents a reference institution for public understanding of science and informal learning where new methodologies are developed. The building, a converted nineteenth century mansion, overlooks the sea; its exhibition areas extend over an area of 15.000 square metres. It receives 350000 visitors each year.

i do climate - Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza, Naples, Italy


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