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Oceans Day at Cancun : Oceans: Essential to Life, Essential to Climate

4.12.2010 - Other - Mexico

i do climate - Oceans Day at Cancun : Oceans: Essential to Life, Essential to Climate

Building on the positive momentum and spirit of collaboration of CBD COP 10 in Nagoya, Japan, the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands will hold Oceans Day event at Cancún on December 4, 2010 at the UNFCCC COP 16 in Cancún, Mexico.

Oceans Day at Cancun will bring together Parties and Observer States, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, science, industry and members of civil society. It will feature plenary sessions with high-level speakers focused on the major topics of the oceans and climate issue, working group sessions to advance strategic thinking on aspects of a comprehensive agenda on oceans and climate, special sessions on adaptation needs and related financing, and special events organized by collaborating organizations, including consultation on the Rio+20 process.


Nausicaá and the World Ocean Network support Oceans Day at Cancún by providing the Global Forum with exhibition material on oceans and climate topics.

à Visit the Oceans Day at Cancún download the leaflet


The World Ocean Network has accredited a youth representative from Singapore, to the Conference. He participated in both the East Asian Seas Youth Forum in 2009 and in WON 4th International Meeting in 2010. In Cancún, he will present youth’s thoughts on climate change, the youth forums initiative and the role of the youth in the international process.


Thanks to .Martin for the picture on Flickr: (Graffiti by Banksy)

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