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EU opens consultation on roadmap for a low carbon economy by 2050

27.10.2010 > 9.12.2010

i do climate - EU opens consultation on roadmap for a low carbon economy by 2050

Commissioner Hedegaard launched the Roadmap 2050 project in Brussels on April 13th 2010

The European Commission launched on 27 October 2010 a public consultation on a Roadmap for a low carbon economy by 2050, aiming at gathering views from stakeholders and the public on how to "decarbonise" the European economy.

The EU is leading the way in sustainable emissions' reductions. Collectively the Member States decided in 2008 to cut their greenhouse gas emissions to at least 20% below 1990 levels by 2020, together with meeting 20% of their energy needs from renewable sources and moving towards 20% energy efficiency improvements.

Last year, countries representing over 80% of global emissions signed the Copenhagen Accord which made it clear this limit was essential to avoid or at least mitigate dangerous impacts of climate change. To achieve this aim of keeping global temperature increases below 2°C every country across the globe will have to move rapidly towards a low-carbon development pathway. In particular, developed countries will need to have cut their emissions by 80-95% by 2050.

The EU has also put in place a binding policy framework that ensures that, as a whole, it will deliver these major goals.

Moreover the EU is ready to scale up its efforts to 30% emission cuts by 2020,provided other industrialised countries commit to comparable emission reductionsand developing countries contribute adequately to the global effort in GHGreductions. Last May the EU issued an analysis of the implications of a move to 30%in the new economic circumstances and after the international agreement signed inCopenhagen. This study revealed options for further emission reductions by 2020,reduce the EU's reliance on foreign oil and gas and make it easier for Europe to meet its longer-term emission reduction goals.

In the first half of 2011, the Commission intends to submit a Communication on the development of a Roadmap for a Low Carbon Economy by 2050 to the Council and the European Parliament, outlining a strategy to enable and steer the transition. The roadmap will explore the most effective options for "decarbonising" the European economy. It will contain an analysis of milestones on the pathway to 2050, including the necessary scenarios of the ambition level for 2030 reflecting the contributions from key emitting sectors. It will assess ways to maximise benefits in terms of stimulating technological innovation, economic growth, job creation and strengthening the energy security within the EU.

All European citizens, organized stakeholders, industries, institutions, NGOs and public authorities of Member States are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

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