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“I do” launch event: Monday 14th December 2009


i do climate - “I do” launch event: Monday 14th December 2009

In the context of the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference, we invite you to Experimentarium, Copenhagen for the launch of “I do.”

Experts from across the field of climate change communication, scientists, policymakers and stakeholders will come together to exchange views in an afternoon of inspiring speeches, workshops, shows, demonstrations and a reception in Experimentarium’s new Energy exhibition, in the presence of Denmark’s Minister for Science, Mr Helge Sander.

This is an opportunity to discover what Europe’s science centres and museums have planned for 2010 on climate change, as well as to discuss the issues at the heart of public engagement on this crucial topic. This programme of public engagement activities, along with the website and resource centre, is launched at the timeliest of occasions, as world leaders meet to agree a framework for climate change mitigation.

Registration to participate in the Launch Event is free.

To register for the Launch Event, please contact

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Sea levels rising from polar ice cap depletion? The more hits to
the “I do” website, the more citizens committed to action, the lower the level will drop.