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Climate connection

11.1.2010 > 30.12.2010 - Demonstration, workshop - Sweden

i do climate - Climate connection

School and general public program

Climate connection is a new program in our Lego Mindstorms Robotics workshop. The robot, controlled and programmed by visitors, has to solve different problems and assignments in a polar research area.

For example:
- Deliver the drilling rig to the right position, collect the drilling sample and deliver it to the research station!
- Scientists need to be transported to the polar ice in time, program the robot to do that!
- Leave the research ship and collect waste products before it is too late!

The workshop gives a chance to discuss climate change and polar research as well as programming and robotics and how it can help us with climate issues.

The target group for this program is school children age 10 to 15 during school days and families during weekends and holidays.

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