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Biomimetics and climate – nature has the solution

5.5.2010 - Conference, debate - Sweden

A talk about the future at the Universeum Time and place: Wednesday, 5th May 2010 - 7.30-9.00 am in the Aquatic Hall at the Universeum

Biomimetics and climate – nature has the solution


Panel: Maria Nystrom, Professor in Design for Sustainable Development, Chalmers University of Technology
Ulrike Rahe, Professor in Industrial Design, Chalmers University of Technology

Biomimetics provides an exciting opportunity to merge nature and technology to create sustainable development. Biomimetics is the application of nature as a model and mentor in order to develop sustainable solutions to human problems. The subject is interdisciplinary and highlights several links between science, technology, engineering design, mathematics, medicine and community planning.

In nature, we observe models and try to emulate or mimic and create them applying our own technology. Jellyfish and the diaper, the photosynthesis process of leaves and solar cells, spider webs and fibres, etc. are just a few examples of how nature has inspired us to find technological solutions.

In an inspiring talk, we shall look forward in time and discuss the fundamentals of creating a sustainable society in the future. Nature is powered by sunlight. Nature uses only as much energy as is required. Nature adapts shapes to functions. Nature recycles everything. Nature rewards collaboration. Nature relies on diversity. Nature ...


Universeum, Gothenburg, Sweden

Contact: Marianne Hedberg,


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