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Environment Friendly House / Maison des Gestes

1.2.2005 > 31.12.2012 - Exhibition - France

i do climate - Environment Friendly House / Maison des Gestes i do climate - Environment Friendly House / Maison des Gestes
i do climate - Environment Friendly House / Maison des Gestes

The Environment Friendly House interactive exhibition aims to make the general public aware of the necessity to change their consumer habits and lifestyle in order to reduce human pressure on the Earth's natural environment and climate.

The Environment Friendly House is part of a permanent exhibition Our Planet, Our Home. It has been created in a modern and exciting style. The ambience is amusing and poetic.

Going past a replica of a garage and a bicycle leaning against the wall, the visitor can learn about air pollution and appropriate means of transportation to reduce it. In a replica of a house, by means of games, hands-on, experiments and quizzes, the visitor discovers some simple daily actions that he can perform at home to save energy and water.

Upon leaving the house the visitor enters a brightly lit greenhouse garden. Exuberant vegetation overflows onto a wooden pantoon, a waterfall gushes forth from between the stones. The water babbles as it meanders through the vegetation until it is lost into a small pool. Birds fly all over the area or perch near to feeding dishes, that are set up especially for them by the gardener, as he knows how their presence is most invaluable in eliminating parasite insects. The alley takes the visitor to the gardener's hut. Here rainwater is recuperated into a tank by means of a gutter that descends from the sloping roof. The visitor can easily see inside the hut how the gardener has arranged his wheelbarrow and gardening tools, packets of seeds, flower pots, bags of compost and other soil conditioners. Useful information on how to become a responsible gardener is distributed from here.

The exhibition activities and content can be easily adapted.

Exhibition under the aegis of IOC/UNESCO
In partnership with Lille2004, Europe Capital of Culture
Support from:  ADEME, CAB, CRDP Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Conseil Régional, ERDF,  Ville de Boulogne sur mer.
Scientific partners: CNRS, Ifremer, Météo France

In March 2009, a traveling version entitled "Ma Maison pour Agir" has been presented in Monaco.  Since then it has been displayed in Nice, Marseille, and Chambery, and it will be shown  in 10 more towns in France with large media and web coverage. It is available for hire.


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