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What is “I do”?

“I do” is the message of the ACCENT project, which coordinates a European action on climate change, engaging the public inside and outside of science centres and museums across Europe throughout 2010.

With the words “I do,” we make a lifelong commitment to tackle the causes of climate change. Throughout Europe, science centres and museums invite the public and scientists to come together and discuss the issues at stake. This campaign brings these institutions together, promoting and furthering the European debate on how to tackle this global issue.

Why science centres and museums?

Science centres, museums, aquaria, zoos and natural history museums – these organisations are known for their role as centres of learning and wonder. But in recent years these institutions have transformed into places for debate and discussion; a space where the public and the scientist can come together and exchange experiences and points of view.

Awareness of the importance of climate change is now widespread across Europe. The challenge now is to engage the public, scientists and policymakers to take action. Science centres and museums are the space for this engagement.

What are “I do” activities?

“I do” activities are exhibitions, exhibits, school labs, science demonstrations, participatory games, teacher training sessions, lectures and debates, taking place across Europe in 2010, which engage the public in the issues of climate change.

When was “I do” launched?

“I do” was launched on December 14th 2009 at Experimentarium, Hellerup, Denmark, in the context of the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen.

Professionals in science communication came together from across Europe and beyond to the Experimentarium to celebrate the I DO launch event, and to discuss public engagement in climate change issues.

Read about the event here.

Who is involved?

The ACCENT consortium is made up of 15 partners from across Europe, including 13 science centres, museums and aquaria. The project is also open to European institutions who would like to get involved.

How is the ACCENT project collecting best practices?

The project partners surveyed the available scientific data and best practice activities on public engagement on climate change, in order to select those that are most relevant for the purpose of this project, under the supervision of a Scientific Advisory Board of experts. Materials related to these activities are shared in the project through the online resource centre, and used to structure the “I do” activities taking place in 2010.

For more details, browse the Resources section of the website or download the project deliverable List of Communication Activities Selected.

What is available through the “I do” website?

The “I do” website hosts a dynamic calendar of climate change news and activities taking place across Europe, promoting and informing on these events.

The website also features a resource centre for professionals in climate change communication, where individuals can share and search for downloadable tools and resources for use in public engagement activities.

The website is a space for online debate about the issues that matter to the European public on these subjects.

How will public perception of climate change be gathered?

Local Citizens’ Debates are participatory meetings with around 30 individuals taking part, which are structured to gather people’s views and perceptions on climate change issues. Participants are selected in order to have a representative mix of expertise, age, gender, and institutional connections.

Within the ACCENT project, the partner institutions host over 25 such debates across Europe. The results will be analysed and published as a key outcome of the project.

Download the project deliverable Guidelines for LCDs to find out more.

How can I participate in “I do”?

Any European institution organising exhibitions, exhibits, school labs, science demonstrations, participatory games, teacher training sessions, lectures and debates can apply to join the “I do” campaign.

Simply follow the instructions here, where you can sign up to have your activities publicised Europewide and share in our resource centre. The project branding is available to download to participating institutions.

What are the latest public reports from the project?

The ACCENT project has released the following deliverables so far. Please click to download them in PDF format.

D2.1    List of scientific publications selected
D2.3    Catalogue of communication activities selected
D4.2    Programme of the launch event in Denmark

Organisers of climate change activities: join us!

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